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RWBY Volume Two Chapter One: Best Day Ever Recap.



The hype train arrived at the station nearly one week ago, and since then we’ve all been enjoying our return to RWBYLand. Things are bigger and better than ever, yet still having that comforting ol’ familiarity of still feeling like home. … What? Your homes don’t have weapons that all double as guns? I keep forgetting folk outside Australia don’t need to fight for their lives everyday… Anyways. It’s recap time! For those new to it, these recaps are a sandwich wherein silly captioned screencaps are the filling and the bread is text-y actual recap part with discussion and speculation talk. To taste test the older sandwiches, check out Volume One’s Recaps Here! Ready to go for this week’s? Click the Read More below! 

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I lost it at “This is my design”

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